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We were considered in 2021 by the Oprah Magazine as one of “The Best Spanish and Latino Podcasts for Learning-and Laughing.” 

We were selected to participate in the PRX and The Google Podcast Creator Program 2021.

We were awarded a grant by Alternate Roots and The National Association of Latino Arts and Culture (NALAC) in 2019.

En el 2021, fuimos considerados por Oprah Magazine como uno de los “Mejores Podcasts en Español y Latinos para aprender y reir

Fuimos seleccionados para participar en el PRX y el Programa de Creadores de Podcasts de Google 2021.

Recibimos una beca de Alternate Roots y de La Asociación Nacional de las Artes y Culturas Latinas (NALAC) in 2019.

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Carolina Quiroga-Stultz

Producer and host

My love for stories began early on in life. My mother says she lost me in the supermarket when I was three years old. Frantically she looked for me to no avail. No one seemed to have seen a chubby girl with two high ponytails. Even the security guard assured her that no little girl had walked out the doors, not on his watch!

This was a parent's worst nightmare. After a while, my mother spied two plumb little legs stretching out from a clothing rack full of dresses. Those were her daughter's legs! With mixed emotions and relief, my mom walked towards the dresses that served as curtains.

As she approached, she heard a little voice. Who is my daughter talking to? My mom wondered, as she uncovered what was behind. To her surprise, there I was, reading a children's book aloud. I was enthralled by it…perhaps because it was upside down!

Since then, my favorite gifts were books, and my mom knew how to surprise me with them. Between you and me, she thought it was the best way to keep me from sneaking around! There are plenty of more anecdotes that recount my love for listening and telling stories. So, if you are curious and want to read or hear more of my personal adventures in the real world or in the realm of imagination, please visit my artist website

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Don Hymel "El Jedi Gringo"

Script Editor  

Hi! I’m Don Hymel – the guy Carolina mentions at the end of her Podcast. To my knowledge, I’m the only proof-listener in North America. I am a double retiree – first from the United States Air Force, and then from education publishing.

Regardless of what I was doing for a living, I always found time for writing, teaching, and performing. I’ve written plays, poetry, fiction, and songs. I’ve acted on stage, on film, and on the Internet, and done voice work for national magazines subscribers who were sight impaired. I also am a song-writer and musician, still performing several times a year – most of this occurred after the age of 40.

Sometime after Carolina moved away, she asked me for help in creating her Podcast. Translating text from Spanish to English can create a lot of grammatical tangles. I helped her make the English translations as clear as the Spanish originals. I also listened to all her Podcast materials before they were broadcast to assist with pronunciation.

Past contributors


Alexa Jeffress

Translator and Co-producer of our Next Poetry Season 2022


I’m a Spanish literature enthusiast. I began studying Spanish when I was 14 years old, and later at 16, I hosted an exchange student from Spain who lived with me for a year. During that time, I learned so much about her culture and later visited her in Madrid where I met her whole family. It wasn’t until after that trip that I could read and understand the Spanish language well enough to appreciate the literature of Spanish-speaking authors. I decided to major in Spanish language and literature at the University of Virginia, and after four years of thinking I wanted to become a bilingual doctor, I realized that what excited me most was literature and studying other cultures.

Then, I began a doctoral program in Spanish literature in which my love of Spanish, Colombian and Argentinian literature (among others) flourished. It’s nearly impossible for me to name one favorite text, but a few that I love are: La tía Julia y el escribidor (Mario Vargas Llosa; Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter in English), Luces de bohemia (Ramón del Valle-Inclán; Bohemian Lights in English), Nada (Carmen Laforet), and La verdad sobre el caso Savolta (Eduardo Mendoza; The Truth About the Savolta Case in English).


My love of literature and teaching it drives my translation efforts. During and after my PhD program, I’ve had the opportunity to work with great poets and short story writers, like Federico Díaz Granados (Colombia), Miguel Rollón (España) y Guillermo Martínez (Argentina), to bring their voices to anglophone readers. Literature has the power to enlighten, teach, cure, and connect people from all parts of the world. I feel very fortunate to be able to contribute in a small way to the dissemination of literature and culture with the translations that I publish and the work I do for this podcast with the wonderful and collaborative team that makes up Tres Cuentos.


I work at the University of Virginia as a Program Manager and Lecturer in the School of Continuing and Professional Studies. In addition to this role, I continue to translate poetry and short stories for this podcast and other publications. In my free time, I like to travel, kayak with my dog, cook all kinds of food, and spend time with family.


Published translations:


Comtemporary Colombian Poetry (Anthology)

A Reversed Miracle by Guillermo Martínez

Detroit Doesn’t Love Us Anymore by Miguel Rollón

A Repulsive Happiness by Guillermo Martínez


Melanie Márquez Adams 
Translator  and Coproducer of our next Poetry Season 2022


She is an Ecuadorian American writer who has made her home in Tennessee. She found solace from a young age in reading; this is how she escaped the absurdities of her Catholic upbringing. Writing eventually became her way of understanding the world.


Melanie holds an MFA in Spanish Creative Writing from the University of Iowa where she was an Iowa Arts Fellow. While she does occasionally write in English, she chooses to write principally in Spanish as an act of resistance.


She is the author of Querencia: crónicas de una latinoamericana en USA (Katakana, 2020), El país de las maravillas: crónicas de mi sueño americano (César Chávez Institute, 2021), and Mariposas negras: cuentos (Eskeletra, 2017).


Her most recent fiction and nonfiction can be found in journals such as "The Southern Review", "Puerto del Sol", "Laurel Review", "Spanglish Voces", "Huellas Magazine", among others. She is the editor of the anthology Del sur al norte: Narrativa y poesía de autores andinos, winner of a 2018 International Latino Book Award. Melanie is also the founder and editor-in-chief of Anfibias Literarias, as well as the Spanish Content Editor at Latino Book Review.

Find more about Melanie at:


Leo Quiron, is a wandering reader, fascinated by searching for new routes and answers about existence, and the world around it. The academy was not what he expected. So, he took another course towards the Unknown University. Today he likes to comment and write about literature, almost always in workshops or at other people's homes. He lives with his family in Bogotá and keeps alive his interest in reading, walking, and poetizing.

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