A long time ago...

Carolina had a dream, and she bugged everyone she knew, telling them about it. Until at last, it came true: Tres Cuentos Podcast!

Hace mucho tiempo...

Carolina tuvo un sueño y cansó a más de uno contandole de qué se trataba. Hasta que un día el sueño se hizo realidad:

Tres Cuentos Podcast!

Carolina is a Bilingual Storyteller Performer, Podcaster, and author, who graduated in 2013 with a Masters in Storytelling from the East Tennessee State University.

Her vast repertoire of bilingual stories explores the Myths, Legends, Folktales, and Historical Tales of Latin America. Visit her storyteller's website www.carolinastoryteller.com

She has performed at several regional festivals and conferences in Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Colorado, and Kansas City. Also, she has told stories at numerous schools, libraries, universities, and colleges to culturally and socially diverse audiences. Click here to check the venues.

In early 2019, Carolina's bilingual literary podcast "Tres Cuentos Podcast" dedicated to the traditional narratives of Latin America, was awarded a grant by Alternate Roots and another grant by The National Association of Latino Arts and Cultures. Listen to the podcast here: www.trescuentos.com.

In September 2019, Carolina published her first book on Aztec myths, "The Hungry Goddess and The Five Suns." A month later, she was a featured teller at the National Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough, Tennessee.

DID YOU KNOW? That Carolina initially graduated as an Industrial Engineer from La Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Cali, Colombia. Then she went to get a bachelor's degree in Social Communications from La Univeridad Autónoma de Occidente in Cali, Colombia. But her studies don't end there, her first master's degree was in Cultural Management from La Universidad Oberta de Catalunya, Barcelona.

Don Hymel is twice retired. Now that he doesn't have a "day job" anymore, he spends his time teaching, making music, acting in voice and visual performance, and writing. He is thrilled to be perhaps the first "prooflistener" in Podcastdom. He lives in San Antonio, Texas. 

The Best Spanish and Latin oPodcast for

The Hungry Goddess and The Five Suns

*Only in the US                         *Venta solo en los EU

The book contains two creation stories. Each scene has been illustrated in the same pictographic way the Aztecs wrote/draw their books.

El libro contiene dos mitos de creación. Cada escena ha sido ilustrada de la misma manera como los Aztecas escribieron sus libros pictográficos.

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