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Hi there! I am a Bilingual Storyteller Performer, and Podcaster. I graduated in 2013 with a Masters in Storytelling from East Tennessee State University.

As a storyteller I have performed at several regional festivals and conferences in Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Colorado, Georgia and Kansas City. Also, I have told stories at numerous schools, libraries, universities, and colleges to culturally and socially diverse audiences. To find more about my side-hustle check my artist's website:

Last summer of 2021, Tres Cuentos completed the PRX and Google Podcast Creator Program.

In early 2019, Tres Cuentos was awarded a grant by Alternate Roots and another grant by  NALAC (The National Association of Latino Arts and Cultures).



That I initially graduated as an Industrial Engineer from La Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Cali, Colombia. Then I got a bachelor's degree in Social Communications from La Univeridad Autónoma de Occidente in Cali, Colombia. But my studies don't end there, my first master's degree was in Cultural Management from La Universidad Oberta de Catalunya, Barcelona.

The following audio is my very summarized story of why and how I came to the United States, enjoy it!

Hi! I’m Don Hymel – the guy Carolina mentions at the end of her Podcast. To my knowledge, I’m the only proof-listener in North America. I am a double retiree – first from the United States Air Force, and then from education publishing.


Regardless of what I was doing for a living, I always found time for writing, teaching, and performing. I’ve written plays, poetry, fiction, and songs. I’ve acted on stage, on film, and on the Internet, and done voice work for national magazines subscribers who were sight impaired. I also am a song-writer and musician, still performing several times a year – most of this occurred after the age of 40.


Sometime after Carolina moved away, she asked me for help in creating her Podcast. Translating text from Spanish to English can create a lot of grammatical tangles. I helped her make the English translations as clear as the Spanish originals. I also listened to all her Podcast materials before they were broadcast to assist with pronunciation.


I was thrilled when Carolina asked me to be part of her Internet journey. She is a brilliant woman, obsessed with sharing her fascination with the literature and history of the Americas. Tres cuentos is a fun ride. I’m glad she invited me along.

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Don Hymel


Alexa Jeffress is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese at the University of Virginia. She has taught translation, Spanish grammar, and introductory Spanish literature over the past six years. Alexa has also published two short story translations, "A Repulsive Happiness" and "The Reversed Miracle", and co-translated two anthologies of poetry, Detroit Doesn't Love Us Anymore and Contemporary Colombian Poetry.


Her dissertation "Writing and Re-writing the Working Class Experience in Barcelona, 1888-1923" focuses on representations of the working class during the height of industrialization at the turn of the twentieth century. Alexa's research interests include: nineteenth- and twentieth-century Spanish film and novels, translation studies, pedagogy, and international education.

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Leo Quiron, es un errante lector, fascinado por buscar entre líneas nuevas rutas y respuestas sobre la existencia, y el mundo que lo rodea. Merodeó por la academia, pero encontró que sus compañeros sólo querían encajar en el engranaje que tanto criticaban. Así que tomó otro rumbo hacia la Universidad Desconocida. Hoy le gusta comentar y escribir sobre literatura, casi siempre en talleres o casas ajenas. Vive con su familia en Bogotá y aún mantiene vivo su interés por leer, caminar y poetizar.