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Afrodescendant Literature

Literatura Afrodescendiente

From Brazil and Ecuador to Puerto Rico

 Joaquim Maria Machado de Assis, Luz Argentina Chiriboga, Mayra Santos Febres

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This world is not for ugly girls - Luz Argentina Chiriboga

The Afra Ecuadorian writer Luz Argentina Chiriboga writes a story about the burden of being named Linda when your aspect is the opposite of the standard of beauty. In the comments, we talk about how Christianity spun some racist ideas that still haunt our societies. Read more.

Episode's contributor: Storyteller Sheila Arnold

Sheila Arnold has been a full-time storyteller since 2003, traveling throughout the country sharing her stories and songs, historic character presentations, Christian monologues, and professional development for educators.  Known for her interactive style which often incorporates song, Arnold’s been featured at multiple festivals across the U.S. She has produced two CDs and two books including a picture book, Weeping Willow, or, Why the Leaves Change their Colors.


Sheila Arnold

Este mundo no es de las Feas - Luz Argentina Chiriboga

La escritora ecuatoriana afrodescendiente Luz Argentina Chiriboga explora lo que es llamarse Linda cuando el aspecto de la portadora es lo opuesto al estándar de belleza. En los comentarios hablamos sobre cómo el cristianismo hiló algunas de las ideas racistas que todavía permean nuestras sociedades. Lee más.

Brasil -Brazil

The Bonze's Secret - Machado de Assis

The Brazilian author Machado de Assis, tells us the story of a group of men that after finding a new doctrine, set out to test it and discover the efficacy it has over the population. In the comments we will explore some of Brazil’s afro-religions, from Afro-Catholicism to Candomble. Read more

El Secreto del Bonzo - Machado de Assis

El autor brasilero Machado de Assis, nos cuenta la historia de un grupo de hombres que al encontrar una nueva doctrina y ponerla a prueba, descubren la eficacia que ésta tiene sobre la población. En los comentarios exploramos algunas de las religiones afro-brasileras, desde el afro-catolicismo hasta el candomblé. Leer más

Puerto Rico

Marina's Fragrance - Mayra Santos Febres

Young Marina discovers she can harbor fragrances on her skin. But her divine gift is desired by and resented by those who cannot cage her. In the comments we talked about how religious and political systems redefined the role of women and minorities in Latin America. Read more


Diane Macklin

Episode's contributor: Diane Macklin

Diane Macklin has dedicated over two decades to the art of storytelling and listening. Diane lives as a narrative enthusiast and writer, fully invested in the ancient power of storytelling to transform; heal; and explore the unique, yet universal elements of humanity. As a performer, workshop presenter, keynote speaker, and teaching artist, Diane aims to “Make a Difference, One Story at a Time!” 

Marina y su olor - Mayra Santos Febres

Esta es la sensual y fragante historia de Marina. Una joven que sabe albergar fragancias en su piel. Pero su don hace que sea deseada y resentida por quienes quieren aprisionarla. En los comentarios hablamos de cómo los sistemas religiosos y políticos resignificaron el rol de la mujer y de las minorías en Latinoamérica. Lee más.

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