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Thank you for your interest in contacting us. Before you submit your form, please note that Tres Cuentos Podcast's format IS NOT interview-oriented. If you have listened to the program, we occasionally have an interview with a scholar. Still, for the most part, we welcome other types of collaborations, let's say:

  1. YOU ARE A PODCASTER, and you would like to appear in Tres Cuentos. You can read/record one of the featured stories in one of our episodes. If you'd like, we can include a 20-second ad in English or Spanish or both languages in the episode where your voice appears. In exchange, we ask you to extend to us the same courtesy of appearing in your program.

  2. YOU ARE A STORYTELLER, AUTHOR, OR ACTOR(A) that would like to participate with your voice in the program. You are more than welcome! We promise you that we will mention your name and include a short bio in the episode (both audio and transcript, with your picture and a link to your website). 

  3. YOU ARE A PUBLISHING COMPANY OR AGENT, and you would like to have some of the books you promote mentioned in our program. We would love to receive a copy of the book(s). Ensure its content is related to Latin America (literature, scholarly research, chroniclers, etc.). We promise that we will read the book and mention it in one of our episodes. 


One last thing! After you have contacted us, we will do our best to get back to you within a week (or sooner) of receiving your email. As you wait for our response, please check your spam or junk mail; sometimes our answer ends up there.

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