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Oh! If time could stop! The Nicaraguan Rubén Darío tells us the story of a gentleman called Doctor Z, who recounts an event that defies all scientific knowledge, the story of a young woman he met in his youth for whom time stopped.

In the commentary, we talk about strange cases where time has stopped for some people. We explain the purpose of the fantasy genre in Latin America and how it differs from Magical Realism. We conclude by reviewing the life of today's author. Read more.


Today's voice

Kevin D. Cordi, Ph.D., is a Professional Storyteller who has traveled to over 40 states, England, Japan, Canada, Scotland, and Qatar sharing the rich value of the storytelling and story-making process.  He also serves as an Assistant Professor of Education and Literacy at Ohio University Lancaster. He is the author of many books on art, most recently You Don't Know Jack: A Storyteller Goes to School published by the University of Mississippi Press in 2019.

¡Oh, si el tiempo pudiera detenerse! El nicaragüense Rubén Darío relata la historia del doctor Z quien cuenta un acontecimiento que desafía todo conocimiento científico, la historia de una joven para quien el tiempo literalmente se detuvo.

En el comentario hablamos sobre extraños casos donde el tiempo se ha detenido para algunas personas,

explicamos el propósito del género de fantasía en Latinoamérica y cómo se diferencia del Realismo Mágico, y concluimos revisando la vida del autor de hoy. Lee más.

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